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Article 19 launches a useful defamation mapping tool

Defamation Mapping Tool
Charts a Chilling Reality Spanning the Globe
ARTICLE 19, Global Campaign for Free Expression, today launches a global mapping tool that reveals the widespread use of criminal defamation and other insult laws around the world and unacceptable numbers of people imprisoned there under.

هذه المدونة محجوبة تضامناً مع الصحافة الحرة في مصر This blog is on strike in solidarity with free press in Egypt

Ana Ikhwan Blogger is under threat again

Moneim , the Egyptian blogger who was recently released from prison in June 2007 is being threatened again. Ahmed Moussa, head of the crimes news department in the state controlled newspaper, Al Ahram, published a story in which he referred, without mentioning Moneim's name, to Moneim's activities, accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of infiltrating a private newspaper. 

لم يؤخذ الكلام إلى المحكمة why take speech to court

English to follow
"المتضامنون مع عبد الكريم سليمان (كريم عامر) و المنددون بقسوة الحكم الذي طاله بسبب كتاباته التي تضمنتها مدونته علي الإنترنت و اعتبرتها المحكمة ازدراء للإسلام و إهانة لرئيس الجمهورية، يختلفون أو يتفقون مع مضمون أو أسلوب تعبيره، و لكنهم يرفضون ابتداء الذهاب بالكلمات و أصحابها إلي المحاكم." (فقرة من عريضة الاعتراض على حكم كريم)
ستقدم هذه العريضة إلى وسائل الاعلام وستقدمها هيئة الدفاع عن عبد الكريم سليمان إلى هيئة محكمة الاستئناف
للتوقيع على العريضة التي بادر بها مدون من السجن انقر على الصورة أدناه

The war on blogging

Yesterday I was struck by news that france is going to incriminate posting violent material on the web and blogs. That means that if a blogger filmed police beating up demonstrators in France and posted it on U-Tube the blogger will face imprisonment.

When democracies set the example, it gives non-democratic regimes the excuse to follow the oppression. Turkeys has been for years trying to polish its human rights record to enter the EU. Today the story on the following link was published:

the story is in arabic but basically Turkey is banning any Internet visitor in Turkey to visit U-Tube. This was a court order that came after the prosecutor advised the court of such because the website has posted films showing Ataturk as homosexual.

Human Rights First .. Take Action Demand Mohammed Abbou's Release

Release Mohamed Abbou, Jailed Human Rights Lawyer in Tunisia

On March 1, 2007, Tunisian human rights lawyer and activist Mohamed Abbou will complete his second year in prison. Abbou's supporters around the world have declared an international day of protest to call for his release from prison.  He is held in harsh conditions and has suffered beatings by prison guards and other inmates.

Abbou's wife, Samia Abbou, is being persistently harassed by the security forces as a result of her struggle for the release of her husband. Last December, while on her way to visit her husband with other human rights defenders, she was brutally assaulted and beaten by a group of forty men right in front of several police officers, who looked on without intervening.

On the Second Anniversary of His Imprisonment, IPI Calls on the Tunisian Government to Release Mohamed Abbou

Vienna, 1 March 2007

The International Press Institute (IPI) , the global network of editors, leading journalists and media executives in over 120 countries, strongly condemns the continued imprisonment of Internet writer and human rights lawyer Mohamed Abbou , who has been jailed for exercising his right to freedom of expression.

الذكرى الثانية لسجن محمد عبو .. سجين الرأي التونسي Second Anniversary of the imprisonment of Mohammed Abbou

Tunisian Internet writer still jailed after two years

New York, February 28, 2007—The Committee to Protect to Journalists today called on Tunisia to free an Internet writer jailed two years ago for Web articles that criticized President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and described torture in Tunisian prisons.

هادي المطيف ضحيتنا جميعاً Hadi Al-Matif is our victim




English Below

العمل في مجال حقوق الإنسان أمر ملئ بالمواجع والآلام، فكل يوم تقريباً نسمع عن ضحية من ضحايا ممارسات وسياسات الدول، تشعل شرارة الغضب والحزن في داخلنا، فتنفجر مشاعرنا دون جدوى ونصاب بالاحباط الشديد واحيانا نغرق في دوامة الاكتئاب. وهذا كان الحال معي عندما سمعت عن قضية هادي سعيد المطيف الذي مازال يقضي عقوبة بالسجن بدأت منذ خمسة عشر عاماً عندما قال "صلي على ذكر النبي" وهو لم يتعدى الثامنة عشر عاماً. سجن في عام 1992 بعد ان فسر البعض قوله هذا على انه اساءة للنبي، ليفقد هذا الشاب السعودي مستقبله وليحرم من حياة طبيعية يعيشها غيره من جيله وليمنع من ان ينمو نمواً طبيعياً يمر بالمراحل المختلفة للإنسان والتجارب الانسانية الطبيعية التي جميعنا مارسناها.

Join the campaign to release Egyptian Blogger: Kareem

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Let us all stand up for our rights!!!  

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You can add any text here, put images, your photo or practically anything. You can configure this about box from widgets settings in Wordpress Dashboard. For custom HTML content, add the "Text" widget and put your content there.